Call for Speakers: Sustain 2024

Priority Topics

  • Impact from COVID on your sustainability and procurement strategy, building resilience in the supply base, de-globablisation
  • Integrating CSR criteria in SRM and selection processes
  • Bringing change to procurement function: keys to maximize adoption and engagement of your sustainable procurement program – both internally with buyers, and externally with suppliers
  • New tools and data sources – for example new ways of engaging suppliers, and more specifically workers
  • Beyond Tier 1: Challenges and techniques for engaging in tier 2 and beyond
  • How are you driving improvements with supplier performance? How to focus and drive capacity building programs toward positive improvement
  • Scaling up sustainable procurement: What rollout strategy? When to go by sector, when by region. Or by product line?
  • Tackling climate change, measuring and improving GHG emissions in the supply chain
  • Circular models and solutions to environmental challenges such as resource use, waste management
  • Diversity, human rights, modern slavery, fair living wages, employee welfare
  • Anti-corruption and anti-bribery risks in the supply chain – Due diligence and monitoring
  • Integrating the UN SDGs in your Sustainable Procurement initiative
  • How technology is impacting sustainable procurement initiatives — Blockchain, AI, Mobile or phone-based worker surveys, drones? Tell us about your initiative
  • Integration – connecting data to decisions is a key to adoption: Tell us about your integration, whether in sourcing, rfp/rfx/tenders, SRM, contracts, annual reviews, reporting, etc.
  • Beyond compliance : How are you measuring positive impact – whether within a specific theme like environment, or across all CSR domains
  • How are you measuring ROI and value creation: how you and your supply partners are creating value? What metrics and KPIs are you tracking, how do your measure business impact across domains such as: sustainable innovations, new sales/ marketing / revenue streams, Employee engagement, retention and recruitment, finance / cost and access to capital

Tips for preparing your application

Tell an inspirational story

Presentations that receive the best engagement and impact with the audience tell a story. Be sure to touch on: The challenge(s) you faced, who was involved, how were decisions or strategies developed, what obstacles did you overcome, include visual examples/ data/ figures wherever possible demonstrating the ROI or results of the project or initiative.

Focus on the main achievements of your program

Whether it’s supplier onboarding and improvement, internal adoption, integration with procurement processes, ensure you have a compelling story that’s worth sharing.

Tailor your message to the audience?

Our audience is composed of sustainability and procurement practitioners and experts looking to bring back home fresh insights and inspiring ideas. Review the list of key topics above.

The EcoVadis team will review the applications and contact you in case of interest.

Example Formats

Plenary sessions:

  • Keynotes from Subject Matter Experts, Leaders, CEOs and Senior Executives
  • Executive panels to ignite debate and provoke the audience to challenge their own organizations. CPO / CSO level, Enterprise customers

Breakout sessions:

  • Interactive case studies to engage the audience
  • Panel discussions

Past Sustain Speakers

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credit agricole
together for sustainability
schneider electric
societe generali
johnson and johnson