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We had an incredible day and a successful first ever Virtual Sustain! Over 1600 attendees connected together to enjoy captivating plenaries from CEOs, CPOs and thought leader experts, as well as rich breakout sessions featuring procurement and sustainability professionals from the likes of HSBC, Mars and Thermo Fisher.

Notable highlights of the day include an informative presentation by Dr. Gabrielle Walker on the realities and impact of current climate change and compelling insights into sustainable procurement at L’Oréal and Alcoa in our CPO panel.

The afternoon featured a range of breakout sessions covering a host of procurement and sustainability topics from Making Sustainability a Contributor to Procurement Performance to The Role of Sustainability/ESG Ratings in Financial Solutions.

We also encourage you to share with colleagues who may have missed the event!


Plenary sessions

Business as a Force for Good:
The Intersection of Responsibility and Sustainability
Emily Rakowski, Chief Marketing Officer, EcoVadis
Sylvain Guyoton, Senior Vice-President Research, EcoVadis
Ilian Mihov, Dean, INSEAD
Fireside Chat: The Responsibility of CEOs
Gilbert Ghostine, CEO, Firmenich
Ilian Mihov, Dean, INSEAD
Moderator: Julia Moshkin, Head of Sustainability Innovation, EcoVadis
The Climate for Change
Dr. Gabrielle Walker, Author and Climate Change Strategist
Panel: Daring Together to Drive Impact
Régine Lucas, Global Chief Procurement Officer, L'Oréal
Francesco Bassoli, Chief Procurement Officer, Alcoa
Moderator: Dawn Tiura, President & CEO, Sourcing Industry Group (SIG)
Solvay Purpose in Action: Creating Sustainable Shared Value for All
Ilham Kadri, CEO, Solvay
EcoVadis 2020 Outlook and Awards
Pierre-François Thaler and Frédéric Trinel, Co-CEOs, EcoVadis
Ask the EcoVadis CEOs
Pierre-François Thaler and Frédéric Trinel

Breakout sessions

Making Sustainability a Contributor to Procurement Performance
Charles-Edouard Vasse, Director of Purchasing Excellence, Faurecia
Clare Francis, Supply Chain Risk Program Manager, Thermo Fisher Scientific
Virginie Gauthier-Pavloff, CPO, Primagaz
Annette Quincy, Senior Customer Onboarding Consultant, EcoVadis
Managing the Change from Traditional to Sustainable Procurement
Astrid Bosten, Senior Manager Global Sustainability Purchasing, Henkel
Vera Yanakieva, Global Procurement Analyst, ICL
Ana Meyer, Executive Director of Sustainability, GAF
Lance Younger, Managing Director, INVERTO
Femke Jansen, Senior Customer Success Manager, EcoVadis
"What's the ROI?": Measuring the Business Impact of Sustainable Procurement
Daniel Mendes da Silva, Head of Procurement, EU Amazon
Wouter Vink, Consultant, Sustainability Insights, McKinsey & Company
Salah Adebibe, Group Procurement Director, L'Occitane
Camille Messer, Customer Success Manager Team Lead, EcoVadis
Driving Change in the Supply Chain Through Innovation
Caroline Saccoletto, Sustainable Procurement Coordinator, Arkema
Jonathan Sims, CPO, UK & Ireland ENGIE
Mark Pererra, CEO & Founder of Vizibl and Founder of Procurement Leaders
The Sustainability Journey: An SME-perspective
Carmen Hualda, CSR Manager, Atlinks Holdings Ltd
Lotte Mastwijk, Sustainability Manager, LC Packaging International
Gaël Gonzalez, Quality and CSR Manager, LPR - La Palette Rouge
Marc Roodhuyzen de Vries, Managing Partner & Founder, Nexio Projects
Richard Bourne, Director, Engagement Services, EcoVadis
Engaging Suppliers to Reduce Carbon Footprint
Joe Franses, Vice President, Sustainability Public Affairs, Communications & Sustainability, Coca-Cola European Partners
Laurent Morel, Partner, Carbone4
Julien Etchanchu, Managing Consultant, Advito - BCD Travel
Melina Gonvalces, Senior Analyst, EcoVadis
SDGs and the Supply Chain: Status and Outlook for the Next Decade
Walter Delage, Sustainability Manager, Primagaz
Gilles Vermot Desroches, Chief Sustainability Officer, Schneider Electric
Dr. Holger Hoppe, Senior Director Sustainabiliy Management, Kion Group Linde Material Handling
Christopher Economides, Senior Sustainability Analyst, EcoVadis
The Role of Sustainability/ESG Ratings in Financial Solutions
Burcu Senel, Global Head of Propositions, HSBC
Leonie Schreve, Global Head Sustainable Finance, ING Bank
Viviana Ochhionorelli, ESG Director, Astorg Partners
Christopher Flensborg, Head of Climate and Sustainable Finance, SEB
Lazar Armianov, Regional Manager of Business Development, EcoVadis
The Third-Party Cybersecurity Challenge - Use Case: Sanofi
Christian Attie, Procurement Risk Director, Sanofi
Wilfried Laumond, Head of Conformity & Risk Monitoring, Sanofi
Estelle Joly, VP Strategy & Operations, CyberVadis


Insightful, practical, inspirational – Sustain speakers bring you new knowledge in a collaborative environment.
The 2020 line-up:

Gilbert Ghostine
Ilham Kadri
Régine Lucas
Ilian Mihov
Pierre-François Thaler
Co-Founder and Co-CEO
Frédéric Trinel
Co-Founder and Co-CEO
Christopher Flensborg
Head of Climate and Sustainable Finance
Francesco Bassoli
Wouter Vink
Consultant, Sustainability Insights
McKinsey & Company
Dawn Tiura
President and CEO
Sourcing Industry Group (SIG)
Sylvie Robin Romet
Credit Agricole
Lance Younger
Managing Director
Walter Delage
Sustainability Manager
Ana Meyer
Executive Director of Sustainability
Charles-Edouard Vasse
Directeur Purchasing Excellence
Vera Yanakieva
Global Procurement Analyst
ICL Group
Viviana Ochhionorelli
ESG Director
Astorg Partners
Leonie Schreve
Global Head Sustainable Finance
ING Bank
Virginie Gauthier-Pavloff
Procuremet Director, France & International Project Lead, Logistics
Joe Franses
VP, Sustainability Public Affairs, Communications & Sustainability
Coca-Cola European Partners
Shui Mahieu
Sustainable Procurement Manager
AirLiquide SA
Tamar Howat
Responsible Sourcing Manager
Caroline Saccoletto
Sustainable Procurement Coordinator
Salah Adebibe
Group Procurement Director
Daniel Mendes da Silva
Head of Procurement, EU
Gabrielle Walker
Expert strategist, speaker and moderator
Gilles Vermot Desroches
Chief Sustainability Officer
Schneider Electric
Laurent Morel
Carbone 4
Astrid Bosten
Senior Manager Global Sustainability Purchasing
Jonathan Sims
CPO, UK & Ireland
Clare Francis
Supply Chain Risk Program Manager
Thermo Fisher Scientific
CSR Manager
Atlinks Holdings Ltd
Marc Roodhuyzen de Vries
Managing Partner & Founder
Nexio Projects
Lotte Mastwijk
Sustainability Manager
LC Packaging International
Gaël Gonzalez
Quality and CSR Manager
LPR - La Palette Rouge
Wilfried Laumond
Head of Conformity & Risk Monitoring
Christian Attie
Procurement Risk Director
Mark Perera
CEO & Founder / Angel Investor / Founder of Procurement Leaders
Wai Hoong
Chief Quality and Compliance Officer
John Pollock
Sales Director
Julien Etchanchu
Managing Consultant
Advito - BCD Travel
Burcu Senel
Global Head of Propositions
Holger Hoppe
Senior Director Sustainability Management
Linde Material Handling GmbH
Pat McCarthy
Senior Vice President and General Manager
SAP Intelligent Spend Management
Jim Gellert
Rapid Ratings


We are proud to be partnering with companies in procurement software and sustainability services who enable and connect sustainable supply chains across the globe.