EcoVadis Events – Goldcast User Guide

This user guide will help you get the most out of your conference experience on our virtual event platform, Goldcast.

Desktop & Mobile

Goldcast events are supported on both on desktop and on your mobile devices and offer the same experience: view stage presentations, event agenda, interact via chat, polls, Q&A, messages, and view booths.

The only feature not available when logging into Goldcast from a mobile device for attendees is the ability to raise your hands and join the stage via video if enabled for a virtual event.

Which browser to use

On desktop, Goldcast is best experienced on Chrome and Safari. Firefox or Internet Explorer are also supported.

On a mobile device iOS and Android mobile web browsers (iOS Safari, Chrome for iOS & Android) are supported.

How to access the event

You will receive a confirmation email with the magic link for the event. All you’ve got to do is click on ‘Enter the Event‘ to access the event.

  • Do NOT share the magic link with another user – it’s unique to you.
  • Check your email’s spam/junk folder if you’re having trouble finding the magic link.
  • If you’ve accidentally lost or deleted the magic link, you can retrieve it by re-registering for the event. This triggers the registration email, and you will receive the magic link directly to your email inbox once again.

If these actions don’t work and you’re still having trouble accessing the event, please reach via email to

Setting up your profile

When you first enter the virtual event, you may be asked to fill in your attendee profile, including LInkedIn profile link and areas of interest. Attendees can view each other’s profiles throughout the event and connect with each other via direct messages or video chats.

You can edit your profile at any time by clicking on the avatar in the upper right corner of the stage and then selecting My Profile from the dropdown.

How to network with your peers

You have a lot of ability, as an attendee, to network with your peers: one-on-one messaging, video chat, stage chat and within booths.

One-on-One Messages & Video Chats

On Goldcast, it is very easy to one-on-one message others. To do so, click the “People” tab at the top of your event.

From there, you can then click on the person you’d like to chat to. Then click “Start Chat.”

You can directly message them from this pop-up or you can click “Video Call.” When you click “Video Call” this will notify the other person that you’d like to have a chat, and they can either accept or deny your video request.

Stage Chat

In the stage chat you can chat with all attendees during every session. Here conversations are captured that are occurring on the Main Stage of the event.

Networking in the Expo

If the event has booths, you’re able to not only read the contents of the booth, but also network with others who are attending or staffing these virtual booths.

Click “Expo” at the top of your screen, and then click into the booth you’d like to visit.

Once you join the booth, you can join a group video call with those also attending the booth. Additionally, you have access to a chat specifically for this booth where you can share links and/or notes regarding the conversation.

How to turn on captions

You can hover over the stage and click the CC button on the bottom of the screen to turn captions on and off.

If subtitles have been enabled for the event, you will see a dropdown in the CC button. Here you can see a list of supported languages and select the one you want to view subtitles.

General troubleshooting

For additional troubleshooting and tips, see Goldcast attendee FAQs and Attendee settings and troubleshooting.

More questions?

If you have any questions, locate someone in the event with an Organizer tag beside their name, or email us at

We look forward to seeing you online!

The EcoVadis Team